Expert Opinion: The Best Time to Set Up an Artist's Studio is at Midnight...Said No One. Ever.

Awesome news! My studio is ready for me!

Last fall, I met a fellow artist who was leaving her studio space in JP and asked if I was interested in taking it over. The rent was great and the location super convenient - it's also by Cafe Bartlett Square AND Canto 6!!!

The answer was a resounding YES!!

Setting up a studio can be a daunting task, layered with many questions:

What tools do I buy?

What type of workbench set up do I need and who is going to help me schlep this thing to the studio?

Can I have an acetelyne torch in the I need an acetelyne torch or can I use something else?!?

It's now March and I finally have all of the pieces of the studio ready to go. A midnight trip to the studio to bring my bench followed by a random Saturday afternoon to bring the rest of my tools and it's done...well almost. I'm always making changes to the studio, but now, I'm ready to work.

A special shout out to my spouse, my awesome friend who lent us her car for the late night desk move (well actually, it was to go to dinner and see a play, but we were careful!) and my friend from Vermont with the cane. I love you all.