Celebrating XLD Fans!

Xiomara Lorenzo Designs are worn best on the ears of its fans. Thank you for all of the love, the notes, and the social media shares!!!

A New Line Just In Time For The Summer - Liberation

I am launching  a new collection called “Liberation” which highlights empowering women. These are women who have blazed paths and who give me daily inspiration. The vision for Xiomara Lorenzo Designs is to give the individual wearer a distinctive and comfortable piece of jewelry to add to their collection and also connect them to a larger story.


XLDs Go To South Africa!!

Cape Town and Joburg have been on the travel wish list for a while and they finally came off in June!

The trip included wonderful walking tours of Cape Town, an early morning game drive in Kruger National Park, and an exploration of Joburg's very fashionable and artistic Maboneng district.

The photos below are from Kruger and my walk around the Maboneng district.

Wesleyan XLD fans are AWESOME!

One of my favorite parts of my reunion weekend was having XLDs circulating on campus. I am so lucky to have friends who are supportive of my work and have been since I made my first pair 10 years ago.

They are also gorgeous, so double lucky me ;)

"And then it’s fight for old Wesleyan..." #Wes2005Reunion

I am excited to head back to Wesleyan for my class reunion, XLDs in tow!

10 years ago I started making jewelry at Wesleyan. My tools may have changed but the design continues.

A few of you have asked if I will be bringing earrings to campus, both to try and to buy. The answer is YES! to both.

Thank you to all my supporters, from the early days through today!  

Tour of Shapeways? YES PLEASE!!

I had an AWESOME tour of Shapeways the other day. I learned that each Shapeways print is handled by 10-12 Shapeways-ers before arriving back to me.

For example, there's the person who sets up the file in the printer, the person who manages the quality of the print, and the person who dyes the print and checks the quality of the finished dye. These are just some of steps each piece goes through before they make their way to you.

As I was doing the tour, I met Roger who inspects many of the prints that come through Shapeways. He looked at my earrings and exclaimed, "I know that shape!!!"

Check out the photos from the day!

Eight New Designs - One Winner!

XLDesigns is launching eight new pieces this spring and summer! I could't choose my favorite, so I put it to a vote. Voting for the favorite design started in February and just wrapped up. 

The Winning Design Is.....

<drumroll please!>

Design F!! 

Which was your favorite design?

Stay tuned to learn more about this new collection.

Combining My Love Of Food and Jewelry

Since moving to Boston about a year and a half ago, I am constantly on the look out for delicious food spots. I have my go to's such as Bricco's in the North End, Forge Bakery in Somerville and Mei Mei in Allston and I'll never pass over a burger from ShakeShack ;)

In any of these places, I Inevitably start looking around the restaurant to scout it as a location for a potential photoshoot. 

The photos below are from a series of visits from favorite food spots. What's your favorite food spot? If you have a food spot where you think it has good photog potential, let me know!

It Is Snowing...And Snowing...And SNOWING In Boson!

There is only one thing to do when the State of Massachusetts dumps a historic amount of snow on you....take photos. Lots of photos.

Enjoy ;)

Introducing The Newest XLD - "The Heart"

Each XLD earring, regardless of shape, is designed as one continuous line, enticing the viewer to find where the line begins and ends. 

About "The Heart"

When held horizontally, each earring looks like waves captured inside. When positioned vertically and laid on top of each other, the two earrings form a series of hearts. 

In general, the theme of my work is continuous motion, specifically with reference to my interest in actions and behaviors that support continuous personal growth. The inspiration behind “The Heart” was to integrate the overall theme of my work with an enduring symbol of love, reimagined in a new way.

Happy V-Day ;)

Behind The Scenes - How XLDs Are Made

Often I am asked about 3D printing and how my jewelry is made. I could come up with a "grandparents' secret sauce" type of story but the reality is that the process of creation is truly Art and Science.

In exploring 3D artistry, I am reaching one of my goal of increasing broader awareness of 3D Printing techniques through a medium that so many enjoy - JEWELRY!

Go to Behind the Scenes to check out how XLDs are made!

Here are some sneak peaks:

XLDesigns Launches A New Website - XLDESIGNS.CO!

Xiomara Lorenzo Designs Launches New Website!

BOSTON, MA. -- Xiomara Lorenzo Designs is kicking off 2015 into high gear with the launch of its own website - XLDESIGNS.CO!! 

The XLD Etsy shop will remain open, fully loved and updated with new designs.

"Having our own website, in addition to the Etsy store, opens new opportunities to share more behind-the-scenes details and lots of fabulous photos!" - Founder, Xiomara Lorenzo

About Xiomara Lorenzo Designs-

Xiomara Lorenzo Designs is launching the new face of 3D printed jewelry, crafting designs that are distinctive, modern and easy to wear. Based in Jamaica Plain, MA, XLD offers beautiful prints guaranteed to turn a few heads. Learn more about the XLD story here.

Media Contact Info:

E: Media@XiomaraLorenzoDesigns.com

P: (201) 579-0378

Xiomara Lorenzo Designs
PO Box 301311
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130



2014 was a BLAST!!

Thank you to everyone for your shop visits, purchases, your likes, your comments, and, most of all, for helping to get XLDesigns off the ground!!!

#2014 recap:
- I integrated 3D printing into my creation process this summer! ‪#‎Shapeways‬

- I successfully opened XLDesigns to the public via JP Open Studios!

- I began working with the amazing Lauren Page Wadsworth Photography!!! and many talented models :)

- I began to SELL my work!!

#2015 - Pa'lante!! ‪#‎newgrowth‬ ‪#‎spring2015‬ ‪#‎fushia‬ ‪#‎tulips‬

Winter Photoshoot with Lauren Page Wadsworth Photography

XLDesigns just finished a wonderful photoshoot with LPW Photography. We started in Forge Bakery (Somerville, MA) and then walked around the neighborhood. Lauren found inspiration in each block.

We took the small, medium, and large versions of the "Continuous" Design on the shoot.

Which is your favorite photo ;)

"Continuous" in Medium Has Arrived!!

Figuring out the right size dimensions when you are crafting jewelry is challenging. You want to come up with size options that give your wearers choice.

For the "Continuous" design, my original design, I originally had one size - Large. During JP Open Studios I was continuously (pun intended!) asked if the design came in a smaller size. Soon after, I created a small version of Continuous. Once I had both sizes in my hands I knew that the line still needed one more option - hence how Continuous in Medium was born.

Many folks who wear earrings opt for studs or small, lobe hugging hoops. Sometimes people will wear earrings that hang down about an inch - I look at earlobes all day! The smallest XLD hangs down about an inch but goes all the way to just over 3 inches in length.

Continuous in Medium is just over 2 inches in length.

The inclusion of a medium size gives you that length you're looking for while keeping that comfort zone that you seek.

These are definitely your go-to statement earrings. Check them out here!

XLDesigns's First Holiday Season!

I question my sanity to try to sell during the Christmas and Channukah holiday seasons. 

I still feel in "beta" mode - XLDesigns just launched this fall (Whoa!).

It's one thing to send out a few earrings a week but quite another to send out bunches of XLDs weeks on end, fingers crossed tightly with the hope that the packages arrive within their respective holiday windows.

Fortunately they did! I learned a lot about which colors were popular and how to troubleshoot quality issues with my prints (that's a whole other story!).

Did someone get you a pair of XLDs? ;)

Xiomara Lorenzo Designs Participates in the 2014 Toora Benefit Auction in Australia!

Super excited to have my designs represented at the Toora Benefit Auction in Australia on Friday, November 14!!!!

My pieces will have visited Oz before me...hopefully I am not too far behind with a visit ;-)

Info on the event:

Australasian scientific glassblowing society SGSANZ collaborates with Canberra community to support local charity, Toora Women Inc. Learn more about the event here.

This fundraiser includes live and silent auctions and a lucky door prize - come celebrate the spirit of community AND the chance to win some amazing prizes!

Free and open to the public - please come out, support, and spread the word!

Fall Photoshoot with Lauren Page Wadsworth Photography - Part 2

The photos from the latest modeling shoot are in!

In full disclosure, this was the first time I had done a professional photoshoot with anyone.

I was nervous!

Did I bring the right clothing for outfit changes? 

Did I bring enough snacks for everyone?

Had I planned the shoot correctly?

Was the weather going to hold up?

Did I bring enough snacks?!?!?!

When all was said and done, I and my pieces were in great hands (and on great ears!) with Lauren and the awesome models who braved some BONE CHILLING winds for over 2 hours in Boston's Pier's Park.

See a preview of the shoot below. More photos to be seen via Facebook!

Check out Lauren's full description of the day here.

Fall Photoshoot with Lauren Page Wadsworth Photography - Part 1

I had the opportunity this past weekend to have my pieces shot by the amazing and talented Lauren Page Wadsworth.

The photos were Amazing! Truly Amazing.

When Lauren and I first met up to discuss the photoshoot, I knew that we shared similar creative vision. We both see photographic opportunities in the most random places - case in point when we simultaneously decided to photograph one of my earrings from a light fixture.

Here's a highlight of her shots. See Lauren's take on the shoot here.

Stay tuned for the full photoshoot including models showing off the latest in the XLD collection!