Xiomara Lorenzo Designs started 10 years ago in a Wesleyan University dorm and is now part of the vibrant, artistic community of Jamaica Plain in Boston, MA.

I was drawn to the hoop earring shape and decided to re-imagine it using continuous, intersecting lines. I focused on continuity as a key theme because of my interest in continual personal growth.

I created a design whereby one could not tell where the lines began or ended. I pursued this design initially through craft wire. At a certain point, you couldn't walk around my senior house without getting beads and wires stuck to your socks! 

After Wesleyan, I continued to refine the design, eventually learning how to solder and fuse metals at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York City in 2012. For a person who when in the kitchen cooks hot bubbling items with a full on fire repellant outfit in order to avoid getting even the most minor burns, it feIt thrilling to wield a gas burning torch! I deconstructed the pieces originally made from craft wire and learned how to recreate the continuous loop effect by layering the metals, soldering or fusing as I went. 

The essence of continuous movement is not lost in the integration of 3D printing into my process. I love all kinds of jewelry adornment, and I want to give wearers distinctive pieces that are light and can be easily enveloped within your personal style. 3D printing allows me to make these unique designs accessible to more fans while making easier for me to bring to life new designs.

Thank you for visiting my shop and for supporting the work. 



Continuous. Begin where you end.

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Photo Credit: Lauren Page Wadsworth Photography