"Continuous" in Medium Has Arrived!!

Figuring out the right size dimensions when you are crafting jewelry is challenging. You want to come up with size options that give your wearers choice.

For the "Continuous" design, my original design, I originally had one size - Large. During JP Open Studios I was continuously (pun intended!) asked if the design came in a smaller size. Soon after, I created a small version of Continuous. Once I had both sizes in my hands I knew that the line still needed one more option - hence how Continuous in Medium was born.

Many folks who wear earrings opt for studs or small, lobe hugging hoops. Sometimes people will wear earrings that hang down about an inch - I look at earlobes all day! The smallest XLD hangs down about an inch but goes all the way to just over 3 inches in length.

Continuous in Medium is just over 2 inches in length.

The inclusion of a medium size gives you that length you're looking for while keeping that comfort zone that you seek.

These are definitely your go-to statement earrings. Check them out here!