Design Milk - The Best 3D Printed Jewelry Designs

Design Milk did an excellent job putting a spotlight on 3D Printing focused jewelry designers!

Check out the article here: The Best 3D Printed Jewelry

I am always on the look out for designers who use 3D printing techniques to expand upon their designs, perhaps creating pieces that would not be possible to create otherwise. 

A few folks have asked me - "Why do you highlight other artists on your website?"

My answer: Great art is great art regardless from whom it comes and deserves to be highlighted.

Theresa Burger's ring collection - love love LOVE!

Check out these Designers from the article:

Nervous System

Theresa Burger

Archetype Z

Fathom & Form

Gonçalo Campos 

Not on the list but should definitely be included:

Maria Eife

Melissa Borrell

....and you know, Xiomara Lorenzo Designs ;)

What other 3D designers would you want to see featured?