Caring For Your Earrings

Rough-housing: The pieces are made to be light on your body yet durable when you throw them in a gym bag. They are flexible but should not be rough-handled or you run the risk that they will lose their shape or break.

Direct Light: Don't leave the items in the sun for long periods of time. For example hanging them in a window could make the color fade over extended periods of time. Wearing a piece in the sun is not a problem, but the items shouldn't be constantly exposed to strong the UV-light. #notanningbeds.

Sleeping & Showering: Do not sleep in or shower with the pieces, as this could affect the longevity of their color as well as their shape.

Make up: If make-up rubs onto the pieces, gently rub an alcohol swab or soaked q-tip on the affected parts to remove the make-up.

Earring Backings: Please (please please please) wear the earring backings that come with your piece or use another backing that you'd prefer. I want to help you avoid the jewelry graveyard - a place where single earrings sometimes go if they've lost their mate. If you do happen to lose an earring, contact "" and we will work out how to get you a new pair. Please note that there will be an additional charge for this service.

Children: Keep the pieces away from children. They.Eat.Everything.

Message me if you have any questions.

Rock on.

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Photo Credit: Lauren Page Wadsworth Photography